Short Story Submission Guidelines

We do not accept submissions anymore.

We have stopped publishing our Infinitas Newsletter and therefore short stories within it. Please do not send us a short story in the hope of publication.

Infinitas sells and distributes science fiction, fantasy and horror throughout Australia. It actively supports the Australian speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy/horror) industry, and encourages local writers.
The Infinitas newsletter has a wide, growing readership and is published monthly. Many issues feature a short story that showcases the talent of an Australian author.

What we are looking for

Stories to fit on one A4 page (formatted dual column). This falls under the category of Flash fiction, with a limit of about 1000 words.
Your story should be able to be enjoyed by everyone, including children. We want stories that make people excited: the awe of scientific discovery, the what if of science fiction, the wonder of fantasy, the heat of battle. Action, adventure, mystery, etc. If it's sci-fi or fantasy and it has character and heart, we'll consider it.
For a good idea of the sort of story we like, read some of the previous published stories on our web site.

What we are not looking for

Sex, gore, or excessive violence. Anything that infringes the copyright of, or is derived from, another work of fiction - that is, no fan fiction. Depressing or pesimistic themes. Preaching morality lessons. If you have a message to share with the world, we are not your platform. Stories that merely describe a scene or situation. Stories so wierd or surreal they lose most readers. Stories from overseas writers (sorry, but we are trying to support our local writers).

What we're asking

First publication rights (including electronic publication rights) for 12 months. Successive publications of the same work to include a notice stating the work was first published by Infinitas, and a weblink back to our site if published online.

What we're offering

The Infinitas newsletter is a paid writing credit, offering:

How to submit

Email your story to
It should be attached as a microsoft word document (2000 or earlier), formatted to one A4 page. Please include your postal address.

This page last updated 13th February 2016.