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Author Item
Isobelle Carmody The Gathering
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 014036059X
Isobelle Carmody Image of The Sending. The Sending
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780143567479
The sixth book in The Obernewtyn Chronicles. The time has come at last for Elspeth Gordie to leav...
Isobelle Carmody Wildheart
$24.95 Hardcover ISBN 1862914052
Humphrey Carpenter Image of J R R Tolkien: A Biography. J R R Tolkien: A Biography
$24.95 Paperback ISBN 9780007132843
The only authorised biography, and the only one written by an author who actually met J.R.R. Tolkien...
J L Carrell Image of The Shakespeare Secret. The Shakespeare Secret
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 0751540358
A modern serial killer - hunting an ancient secret. A woman is left to die as the rebuilt Globe thea...
David Carroll Image of Southern Blood. Southern Blood
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0958073902
A collection of gothic, supernatural, unsettling and unrelenting horror stories. A good representa...
Jerry Jay Carroll Image of Dog Eat Dog. Dog Eat Dog
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0441007406
William "Bogie" Ingersoll, a bloodthirsty corporate raider who made his mark on Wall Street with the...
Jonathan Carroll Image of FM25: Voice of Our Shadow. FM25: Voice of Our Shadow
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0575073675
Joe Lennox feels a secret guilt for the death of his more charismatic brother, but he finds some res...
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0575402490
Her life settles back into routine in New York, and she befriends the fabulous Frances Hatch, mistre...
Jonathan Carroll White Apples
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0330492748
Vincent Ettrich has died and come back to life, but does not remember it. Beset by omens and strange...
Lee Carroll Black Swan Rising
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0593065964
New York jeweller Garet James has her fair share of problems: money, an elderly father, a struggling...
Lewis Carroll Image of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 9781408805930
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass have captivated the i...
Lewis Carroll Image of Classic Lewis Carroll: Complete and Unabridged. Classic Lewis Carroll: Complete and Unabridged
$14.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780143068617
Nonsense stories, verses, puzzles and games from the world of Lewis Carroll Here are the nonsense c...
Carmen Carter STC34: Dreams of the Raven
$9.95 ISBN 0671743562
Jeffrey A Carver Image of Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar Galactica
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0765355167
For forty years, the Twelve Colonies of Man experienced peace, united since the war against the man-...
Jeffrey A Carver Image of Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries. Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries
$52.95 Hardcover ISBN 0765315645
A novel based on the popular miniseries finds Commander Adama, President Roslin, and the pilots of a...
Jeffrey A Carver From a Changeling Star
$24.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0743486978
Scientist Willard Ruskin discovers the technology to control a supernova and enter new galaxies, lea...
Jeffrey A Carver Image of The Infinite Sea. The Infinite Sea
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0812535170
After his narrow escape from Shipworld, John Bandicut and his gang of aliens must save the Neri, an ...
Mark Carwardine Image of Last Chance to See. Last Chance to See
$24.95 Paperback ISBN 9780099536796
‘Douglas Adams' genius was in using comedy to make serious points about the world’ Independent Af...
Kate Cary Bloodline
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 9781405254687
When nineteen-year-old John Shaw returns from World War I, he is haunted by nightmares - not only of...
Jay Caselberg Metal Sky
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0451459997
Starting a new life in Yorkstone, Jack and his 14 year old ward are hired to find a metallic tablet ...
Jay Caselberg Image of Wall of Mirrors. Wall of Mirrors
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0451461193
While trying to decode the dreams he is being sent by aliens, psychic detective Jack Stein, kidnappe...
Michael Cassutt Image of Red Moon. Red Moon
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812565088
A suspenseful odyssey inside the Soviet space program follows one young man, Yuri Ribko, as he journ...
Kristin Cast Image of Chosen. Chosen
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 1907410139
"I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean, she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn'...
Kristin Cast Image of Immortal Love Stories With Bite. Immortal Love Stories With Bite
$18.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781933771922
Seven young adult vampire and contemporary fantasy authors offer inventive and captivating short sto...
Kristin Cast Image of Kisses From Hell. Kisses From Hell
$21.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780061956966
Truly, Madly, Undead-ly This irresistible collection features stories of love amid vampires by fi...
Kristin Cast Image of Marked. Marked
$20.95 Paperback ISBN 0312360266
"The House of Night" series is set in a world very much like our own, except in sixteen-year-old Zoe...
P C Cast Brighid's Quest
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 9781741168525
‘I WILL GO.’ Rather than follow her family’s restrictive rules, centaur Brighid chose to set out on...
P C Cast Image of Chosen. Chosen
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 1907410139
"I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean, she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn'...
P C Cast Elphame's Choice
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 9781741168518
Worshipped. Set apart. Unable to connect with others. Though most girls believe they are different,...
P C Cast Image of Goddess of the Rose. Goddess of the Rose
$30.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0425227103
Determined to escape a family legacy of caring for their gardens by sacrificing their own blood, Mik...
P C Cast Image of Immortal Love Stories With Bite. Immortal Love Stories With Bite
$18.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781933771922
Seven young adult vampire and contemporary fantasy authors offer inventive and captivating short sto...
P C Cast Image of Marked. Marked
$20.95 Paperback ISBN 0312360266
"The House of Night" series is set in a world very much like our own, except in sixteen-year-old Zoe...
Adam-Troy Castro Image of Emissaries from the Dead. Emissaries from the Dead
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0061443727
When two murders rock a distant artificial ecosystem, created by the universe's powerful AIs to hous...
Hugh B Cave Image of The Dawning. The Dawning
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 084394739X
In a world where crime, drugs, and pollution have made the world uninhabitable, a small band of surv...
Hugh B Cave Image of Evil Returns. Evil Returns
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0843948930
Hugh B Cave Image of The Restless Dead. The Restless Dead
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 084395082X
Plagued by madness, violence, and terrifying visions, the reclusive Everol family has finally agreed...
Jeanne Cavelos Image of B5: The Shadow Within. B5: The Shadow Within
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345452186
In the prequel to The Passing of the Technomages trilogy, Captain John Sheridan and his crew struggl...
Michael Chabon Image of Maps and Legends. Maps and Legends
$24.99 Paperback ISBN 0007289871
Michael Chabon's sparkling first book of nonfiction is a love song in 16 parts - -a series of linked...
Paul Chafe Image of Exodus. Exodus
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9781439134313
The gigantic starship Ark was launched on a voyage of ten thousand years from an Earth on the brink ...
Tal Chalak The Taken
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0957723504
Jack L Chalker Demons of the Dancing Gods
$13.95 Paperback ISBN 034530893X
Master sorcerer Throckmorton P. Ruddygore enlists the aid of the two transformed humans; Joe, the su...
Jack L Chalker When the Changewinds Blow
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0441880819
Charley Sharkin, swept into the parallel world of Akahler by a Changewind, becomes a pawn in a wizar...
Angela Challis Image of Australian Dark Fantasy And Horror 2006 Edition. Australian Dark Fantasy And Horror 2006 Edition
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0980281709
The best Australian dark fiction and essays published in 2005. Featuring: "Pater Familias" by Lee ...
Stephen Chambers Image of Hope's End. Hope's End
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812564642
On the planet Hera, the city of Hope has been decimated by a mysterious and deadly plague as life re...
Kylie Chan Image of Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732282985
The forces of Hell are poised to strike ... When Emma’s relatives come to visit her, they are totall...
Kylie Chan Image of Dark Serpent. Dark Serpent
$29.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780732294403
Kylie Chan burst into prominence with WHITE TIGER in 2006 and quickly established a huge fanbase. He...
Kylie Chan Image of Red Phoenix. Red Phoenix
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732282977
IMMORTALS, MARTIAL ARTS, GODS and DEMONS The intrigue deepens as the demon threat closes around mort...
Kylie Chan Image of White Tiger. White Tiger
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0732282969
Action, Intrigue, Demons and Dragons Kylie Chan creates a fast and furious story balanced between t...
Elizabeth Chandler Legacy of Lies / Don't Tell
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 9781847388728
When Megan arrives at her grandmother's house she immediately feels that there is something curiousl...
Greg Chappell Fit For 50+ Men
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1920923187
Exercises for men who want to live well longer.
Robert N Charrette Eye of the Serpent
$10.00 Paperback ISBN 0061054992
Since the Timespell set them free, Yan Tanafres and Teletha have wandered far, seeking the lost city...
Robert N Charrette A Prince Among Men
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0446600377
When a mysterious woman forces museum guard John Reddy to reawaken King Arthur from stasis, the guar...
Dan Chernenko Image of Chernagor Pirates. Chernagor Pirates
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0451459687
The troubled dual reign of Lanius and Grus is threatened by the onslaught of civil war in the north ...
Deborah Chester Image of Alien: The Crimson Claw. Alien: The Crimson Claw
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0441005659
Having learned the archival history of the Viis empire, Ampris begins training the gladiatorial aren...
Deborah Chester Image of Alien: The Crystal Eye. Alien: The Crystal Eye
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0441006353
In the conclusion of the story of Ampris the Exile, the rule of the mighty reptilian Viis is coming ...
Deborah Chester Image of Alien: The Golden One. Alien: The Golden One
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0441005616
Introduces a faraway universefilled with planets and races more fantastic than ever seen in this wor...
Deborah Chester Image of The Crown. The Crown
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 044101657X
Falling in love with her kidnapper, Lord Shadrael, a man with no soul, Lea, sister of Emperor Caelen...
Deborah Chester Image of The Pearls. The Pearls
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441015484
When she is kidnapped by Lord Shadrael, a hardened warrior, and taken through the shadow world, magi...
Deborah Chester Image of The Queen's Gambit. The Queen's Gambit
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441009972
With her future uncertain after the loss of her husband, Mandria's heir, to the forces of dark magic...
Lee Child Image of Gone Tomorrow. Gone Tomorrow
$69.95 Hardcover ISBN 9780593057056
Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they're...
Lisa Childs Image of Déjà vu. Déjà vu
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 9780373618613
One night, she felt the gifted hands of a handsome lover ignite her body into the throes of ecstasy....
Lisa Childs Image of Holiday With A Vampire III. Holiday With A Vampire III
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0373618247
Christmas starts at midnight… And after you've been visited by these sexy men, you'll discover the ...
Lisa Childs Image of Mistress of the Underground. Mistress of the Underground
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 037361831X
Elizabeth Christen Image of SGA: Blood Ties. SGA: Blood Ties
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1905586086
When a series of gruesome murders are uncovered around the world, the trail leads back to the SGC - ...
Beth Christenson Image of SGA: Casualties of War. SGA: Casualties of War
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 190558606X
The Burden of command is heavy. It’s a dark time for Atlantis. Following the first Asuran clashes, ...
Shane Christopher Image of In Dreams. In Dreams
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0515141283
When five strangers are found together in a seedy New York City basement, brutally murdered, Detecti...
Shane Christopher Image of Nowhere. Nowhere
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0425215881
As a serial killer terrorizes the streets of New York, mirroring the crimes of past murderers, detec...
T S Church Image of Betrayal at Falador. Betrayal at Falador
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 1848567227
In the kingdom of Asgarnia, though the Knights of Falador defend the land a protect the people, they...
$29.95 ISBN 0304363898
The narrative commences 55 years before the birth of Christ, when Julius Caesar famously 'turned his...
Anna Ciddor Wolfspell
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 1741140137
In the world of Viking Magica girl can heal sword cuts with nettle stings a boy can weave a wolfspel...
Scott Ciencin Ancient Games
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0380779811
When the natural orders of his world are savagely interrupted, artist Tom Keeper is forced to journe...
Scott Ciencin Image of Night of Glory. Night of Glory
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0380779838
In the actionpacked conclusion of the fantasy trilogy, artist Tom Keeper struggles to expose the sec...
Peter Clack Firestorm
$26.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1740310756
The firestorm that devestated Canberra in the summer of 2003 should not have been alowed to happen.T...
Cathy Clamp Image of Cold Moon Rising. Cold Moon Rising
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765359642
TONY IS BACK Former Mafia hit man Tony Giodone has been through a lot--he’s turned into a werewol...
Cathy Clamp Image of Hunter's Moon. Hunter's Moon
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765349132
Desperate and at the end of her rope, Sue Quentin hires Tony, a mysterious hitman and werewolf, neve...
Cathy Clamp Image of Moon's Fury. Moon's Fury
$13.95 Paperback ISBN 0765365103
When he violates the Sazi's single greatest rule by allowing humans to see their kind, cop Adam Muel...
Cathy Clamp Image of Timeless Moon. Timeless Moon
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0765356651
One of the most powerful, beautiful, and oldest Sazi, Josette Monier lives in self-imposed exile bec...
Cathy Clamp Image of Touch of Darkness. Touch of Darkness
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0765359626
As they prepare for their marriage, Katie and Tom find the upcoming ceremony threatened by Tom's wer...
David Clancy Image of Fingerprints on a Glass Map. Fingerprints on a Glass Map
$19.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 5800049859561
A collection of science fiction short stories from Australian based author David Clancy, featuring a...
Tom Clancy Image of Clear and Present Danger. Clear and Present Danger
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9780006177302
Colombian drug lords‚ tired of being harassed by US law enforcement agents‚ have assassinated the Am...
Cassandra Clare Image of Vacations from Hell. Vacations from Hell
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 006168872X
Presents a collection of five short stories in which a vacation takes a supernatural turn.
Douglas W Clark Image of DL: Protecting Palanthas. DL: Protecting Palanthas
$14.00 Paperback ISBN 0786948086
While in Palanthas to convince the Knights of Solamnia to aid Solace against her neighbor Samuval, G...
Douglas W Clark Image of DL: Saving Solace. DL: Saving Solace
$14.00 Paperback ISBN 078693977X
Solace is booming out of control. An important temple dedication is bringing merchants, dignitaries,...
Douglas W Clark Whirlwind Alchemy
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0380763095
Corwyn, the world's only aquatic alchemist, travels to Spain to do battle with sinister windmills an...
Simon Clark Death's Dominion
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0843954930
When a scientist discovers a way to bring the dead back to life, using them as slave labor, the gove...
Simon Clark Image of Ghost Monster. Ghost Monster
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0843961791
When the portrait of Justice Murrain and his vicious gang of misfits is stolen from the mausoleum, t...
Simon Clark Image of This Rage of Echoes. This Rage of Echoes
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0843954949
When he is attacked by someone who looks exactly like him, Mason goes up against the Echomen, an arm...
Arthur C Clarke Image of Beyond The Fall of Night. Beyond The Fall of Night
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0441056121
In a classic from two of the most respected science fiction novelists of all time, Alvin of Loronei ...
$18.50 ISBN 1857239180
Arthur C Clarke The Ghost From The Grand Banks
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 1857230701
Arthur C Clarke GLIDE PATH
$24.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0743475313
Arthur C Clarke Rama Two
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1857231937
Douglas Clegg The Attraction
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0843954116
When a group of teenagers checks out the "mystery" in the back of a gas station, which is the remain...
Douglas Clegg Image of Hour Before Dark. Hour Before Dark
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0843951427
While trying to sort out the problems within their dysfunctional family, the Raglan siblings must no...
Douglas Clegg Image of Mischief. Mischief
$16.95 ISBN 0843947667
Jim Hook confronts an ancient evil power when he arrives at a prestigious prep school built on the g...
Douglas Clegg Image of The Priest of Blood. The Priest of Blood
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441013740
The bastard son of a whore, a predator trainer in the royal court, and a conscripted soldier serving...
Douglas Clegg Image of The Queen of Wolves. The Queen of Wolves
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441016200
After rescuing Pythia, the creature who had transformed him into a vampire, Aleric follows her back ...
James Clemens Image of Shadowfall. Shadowfall
$21.99 Paperback ISBN 1841493023
Four thousand years ago, a great war took place among the gods, which shattered their heavenly realm...
James Clemens Wit'ch Fire
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1841491500
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