Infinitas Review Group

Our table of wine, cheese, biscuits and some of the books we have discussed.

The group embroiled in discussion.

The Infinitas Review Group book club survived the closure of the bookshop.

The Review Group is still going strong, now (as of mid 2015) meeting at Parramatta RSL on the third Thursday of each month. Typically there would be 6 to 14 people turning up to talk science fiction and fantasy books. We buy our own dinner and drinks and share a table in as quiet an area up the back of the club as can be found.

The Infinitas Review Group meets in the shop on the third Thursday of each month at 6.30pm. We enjoy a lively discussion until closing time at 8pm, often sharing a bottle of wine (donations welcome). We operate similar to a traditional book club.

Two books are chosen by group members for each meeting with participants encouraged to have read at least one prior to the meeting. Usually one science fiction and one fantasy title is chosen for the meeting 2 months in advance. Titles nominated for the group to discuss are listed in the Infinitas Newsletter and on our forums. Visit the relevent pages on our forums for reports of past meetings, discussions of upcoming titles, etc. Members are encouraged to bring along written reviews for discussion, but this is not necessary and rarely happens. A bottle of wine would also be welcomed. The discussion is generally serious and insightful.

Many of the reviews on this site have been written by review group members. Read our book reviews.

If you happen to be browsing our books on the third Thursday evening of the month, you may be drawn into our discussion. All are welcome to join, either for just the one discussion or as a regular member.