Book Review by Karen Maric

Written by

Urban Shaman
C. E. Murphy
Luna, 344 pages

Siobhàn Walkingstick (a.k.a. Joanne Walker) is a half-Irish, half-Cherokee police officer / mechanic who becomes entangled with the Celtic god Cernunnos and the forces of the Wild Hunt in this original paranormal thriller.
With the help of a spirit guide, Coyote; a geriatric cabby; a cross-dressing policeman; and various other colourful characters and, of course, the internet Joanne must use her newfound healing skills and shamanistic powers to defeat and heal Cernunnos’ insanely jealous son, Herne the Hunter.
Set in the gritty urban environment of Seattle in winter, Urban Shaman delivers an intriguing blend of Celtic and Native American mythology, influenced by Carlos Castaneda’s writings on shamanism. Lots of plot twists and turns keep the reader guessing right up till the end. Despite the overly long and complicated denouement, I enjoyed this one.

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