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Book 3 of the Axis Trilogy

Published by Harpercollins
Paperback ISBN: 0-7322-5159-1

Starman is the 3rd book of the Axis Trilogy following Battleaxe and Enchanter. Although a large book, 709 pages, this book keeps the readers interest, drawing you toward the culmination of prophecy. Identities are finally revealed and hidden powers released. The suspense is certainly kept up from beginning to end. Will there be a rosey future for all our beloved characters or will more lives be destroyed by prophecy?
Starman and the Axis Trilogy are written in the tradition of High Fantasy and include elements of romance, magic, religious fantasy, ecofantasy and epic battle fantasy. Like all good fantasy, it is about the battle between good and evil; different cultures and belief systems needing to learn to live together in harmony in order to prevail against evil, in this case embodied by Gorgrael the Destroyer.
This 3rd book is about Axis now accepting himself as ‘Starman'. His wife, Azhure learns of the secrets from her past, and her and Axis true identities. Faraday, Axis exlover, goes to replant the forests, which must be completed before Axis can win his battle with evil. Without the help of the Trees, the weapon needed to destroy Gorgrael cannot be created. There is also the promise of betrayal in the prophecy, and though we know his identity at the end of book two, is he the only one and will the Avar people decide to join Axis against Gorgrael, or will their apathy and prejudice mean the destruction of everything Axis has fought for.
Sara Douglass is a brilliant author who crafts a multilayered story with complex ideas. This story can be discussed on many levels, as a fantasy story and as a moral story. This is one of the best fantasy series by an Australian author I've read and is up there with authors like David Eddings and Raymond Feist.
Highly Recommended.

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