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The Pool of Two Moons continues the story of Meghan the Beasts, Isabeau the Foundling, Lachlan MicCuinn, Iseult of the White Snows and Maya, Banrigh of Eilenan. Isabeau has reached the palace of Maya and entered the service of Latifa, a witch friend of Meghan's, who is the palace cook. Lachlan and Isabeau are still travelling with Meghan, learning more about witchcraft and developing their own skills as fighters, whilst the rebels are afoot and working at undermining the banrigh Maya and the retrieval of the lodestar for Lachlan.
They have a time frame. Iseult and Lachlan need to learn their new skills of witchcraft and fighting, gather the rebel forces and arrive at Lucescere and the Pool of the Two Moons by Sanigh so the future of all witches can be decided.
In this book we meet new characters including Anghus MacRuraich who is set on the trail of Meghan by the Banrigh and a witch Margit of Arran of the thistle who has requested a meeting with the Banrigh.
Throw into this mix, the fact that the Righ Jaspar is on his death bed, and the Banrigh is heavily pregenant (after 16 years of being barren) with their first child after casting a magic spell of begetting. What is the maid to the Banrigh - Sani up to, and does she know Isabeau's secrets. Will Isabeau be able to convince Latifa that she has to go to Lucescere with the sections of the key as Meghan has requested?
It is an interesting book, as the reader is shown another side of some of the characters, and ‘good and evil' is not as black and white as some characters would like us to believe. There is still the struggle of good against evil, but more motifs are shown. Prophecy is followed and some of the minor characters grow and take on more challenging roles.
Kate Forsyth's writing has a heavy nature / woodsy witchcraft base, and would not necessarily be recommended for readers that like action packed fighting and strategy. It has a strong female influence in the writing and focuses more on the individual's storylines and less on the grand picture.
Having said that, I really enjoyed this series the first time I read it 3 years ago. Whilst I have not been as gripped by the series on my second time through (mainly due to time constraints on reading time) I have enjoyed re-reading these books. I finished this book wondering where the author will take me now, and what challenges she will present the characters.

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