Book Review by Josephine Crowley

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Wow! Fiona McIntosh, you have done it again. Please, please hurry and write number 2 - and number 3 in this new series "Valisar". I so enjoyed Royal Exile and once again I wanted to stay up all night and read and read!
This is the story of the Donova Set - made up of seven realms and each governed by a king. A Tribal warlord, Leothar, a wicked and cruel man, battles to take command of them all. He seeks control of Penraven and the magic that is present within the royal family that governs the land.
This author has the ability to take the reader into the very heart and being of the many characters in this book. There is much suspense and lots of magic and the scene is set for an action packed book number 2 and 3. As I said - do hurry and write them Fiona McIntosh and thank you.

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