Book Review by Josephine Crowley

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“Hammer of God” Book 3 of Godspeaker Series by Karen Miller

The Godspeaker Series tells the story of two queens. One was born a slave and rose to be queen of a kingdom. She rules with magic and cruelty and is already ancient. The other, a
young woman, came to rule by chance. She is fearless in battle and loved by her people. In this third book, Hammer of God, the old queen Hekatof Mijakand the young queen Rhian
of Ethrea meet and a great battle ensues. But much, much more is in this powerful book, including the lives of the henchmen and people of both nations and the powerful magic in these lands.
Do read this series as a whole if possible as there are many characters and lots of interesting detail in each of these books. Hammer of Godis well written and flows smoothly. I enjoyed reading it and found it a fitting conclusion to the GodspeakerSeries.
I look forward to Karen Miller’s next series.

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