Book Review by Josephine Crowley

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We are transported to the desert and to the prison where Ana is held captive. The scene is set for another exciting, indeed a glorious read, as Fiona McIntosh continues the Percheon series in Goddess, which is Book 3 and last, of the Percheon series.
This is a long read with many characters and it did take me several chapters to pick up the threads of the story once again. Lots of action and complex characters combine to make this a fast paced read, and I admire Fiona McIntosh’s incredible imagination to finally tie it all together and reach a satisfactory conclusion.
If you are about to read Goddess, pick up Odalisque (Book 1) and Emissary (Book 2) and take a short holiday and enjoy them all together.
Congratulations to Fiona McIntosh for this wonderful series. Enjoy.

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