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A Sword From Red Ice
JV Jones

A Sword From Red Ice is the long awaited new novel from JV Jones in the epic Sword of Shadows series. Initially, this series was supposed to have been a trilogy, but somewhere along the way it has been expanded out to a 5 book series. Unfortunately for us readers, this means that this book is no longer the final book in the series.
Raif has been to the Fortress of Grey Ice and defeated the shaten maer. However, the breach between his world and that of the Endlords is still opening, and shadows are still walking the world. Stuck in the Great Want, he is alone and trapped within the inescapable. Likewise, Ash is lost and alone within the Racklands, having lost her Sull companions and guardians to the creatures of shadow when salvation was in sight.
Discovering more of his destiny within the Want, Raif learns of the sword Loss. Learning he is the one who is to find and wield this weapon against the Endlords, he sets to find its resting place… under the Red Ice where four worlds combine. Ash continues her journey into the Racklands, hoping to discover more about both herself and the Sull that she has become. Meanwhile, amongst the clans, war is still raging. However, threatening all of the clans is the army of Spire Vanis, newly arrived under the command of Marafice Eye as Penthro Iss finally makes his move north. Forming the backdrop against these looming events is a pattern of power struggles within the clans that begins to lead them towards disaster.
J V Jones is drawing an epic story within this series, and as such the story continues to grow in complexity. The pacing of the story is very good, and this book sees some of the characters continue to be drawn towards their various destinies, whilst others begin to learn that a new destiny may be in store for them. I enjoyed reading this book quite a lot, and I sincerely hope that we don’t have to wait another 5 years for the next book to be released.

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