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This book centres around a character who uses with the pseudonym Shaman Bond. From the outset it tries to be a parody of the James Bond character set in a world where daemons, elves, witches and worse secretly influence our modern world. Shamans job is to secretly protect humankind and eliminate these nasties. This much is much is given away by the back cover.
The book is fast paced and the dialogue is extremely entertaining. The characters can tend to be a bit over the top, with some the powers these characters possess, and the damage they do making the whole concept of secrecy very implausible. It is a light entertaining read that is fast paced full of magical gadgets, characters that tend to be one dimensional and a plot line interwoven with both humor and predictability.
The style that Green has used here is different that his Deathstalker series It is lighter with more magic and humor and it takes itself far less seriously.
So as long as you don’t expect too much of this book and are looking for some escapism, this book is worth the portion of you life that you lose reading it.
I know I will be getting and reading the sequel “Daemons are Forever”

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