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WHITE TIGER by Kylie Chan
Book 1 of Dark Heavens
ISBN 0-7322-8296-9
Reviewed by Julianne

White Tiger is the first book by Australian author Kylie Chan and its a great read. Set in Hong Kong, this is the story of Emma Donahue and her job as nanny to Simone and her rich businessman father, John Chen.
Under the guidance of John Chen and his body guard, Leo, Emma begins to learn martial arts as a form of self defence for her and Simone, only to discover, a great aptitude for this field. She also discovers that Simone and her father are not exactly what they appear to be, and demons and gods really can, and do, exist on the mortal plain. Not only does her job include looking after and protecting Simone from kidnappers, but now shes being attacked by demons as well!
The first of several books (Im guessing 4-5 books) this book kept me totally engrossed from page 1 to the end. It has action, romance, good and evil, gods and demons, humour and mythology.

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