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Rachel Morgan's day (technically at least) has started badly. Possesion by a demon (insane) is not on her 'to do' list. Apparently the whole sanctified ground thing doesn't count if the demon is in possession of a body. So now the church she shares with Ivy, her vampire housemate, is no longer sanctified, and they need to find the money to re-sanctify it. And that means that the job she has been ignoring in the hopes it will quietly go away, is now under consideration as a source of income. And the job starts on her birthday (yep, Rachel's day just keeps getting better). Add in a unhealthy dose of personal issues, and it all gives one hell of week to look forward to.
Rachel is a witch, living in a world where a tomato-borne virus wiped out most of the human population in the Turn, 40 years ago. Witches, weres, vampires, pixies and other Interlanders are now living in the open. And trying, sometimes even succeeding, in getting along together.
Although this is Kim Harrison's fifth book dealing with Rachel Morgan and her adventures, it can be read without the others. Kim manages to explain the world as it is and the relationships between characters without the assumed knowledge issues that hamper many series. The main questions brought up the novel are answered by the last page, and while there may be plenty of smaller issues not fully answered, the novel is a complete story. I'm looking forward to reading the earlier books to find out how Rachel got where she is, as well as future stories about her.

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