Book Review by Garry Dalrymple

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Colonization 3 Aftershocks provided no great surprises. In this episode, it’s now the 60s / 70s, the lizards have been on Earth for long enough for children to have grown to adulthood knowing no other world than one divided between the humans and the Lizards. ‘World’ coverage continues to be paper thin, tautly stretched between the twenty or so individuals (human and Lizard) and dozen or so locations that make up this ‘World’ and its Two Billion inhabitants (human and Lizard). I read this because it is ‘time-share reading’, a return to a comfortable, comprehensible and familiar world that is some respite from mundane daily life.
I do note though with some interest that this extended foray into ‘Alternate History’, the sub-genre most likely to approach ‘Mainstream Status’ is in fact running out of history and historical figures to blend into the narrative, in fact later developments, the emergence of a US Space Fleet suggests that ‘Space Opera’, the Classic Sci-Fi ghetto sub-genre might be the only possible future direction of this saga!

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