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In the Year 3134 AD, the Republic of the Inner Sphere is starting to fall apart. Devilin Stone, the Republic's founder has vanished, the HPG communications network has been sabotaged and various factions throughout the Inner Sphere are stirring the embers of war.
In 3050, the Clan invasion was beaten back by the Armies of the Great Houses in a united effort. But 84 years on, Clan Jade Falcon is taking full advantage of the Republic's disarray and continuing with the Clan's push towards the conquest of Terra.
In a previous novel "Flight of the Falcon" The Jade Falcon conquest of the Planet Skye is halted by Tara Campbell, Countess of Northwind . With the Highlanders, Skye Militia and the help of the Steel Wolves, the Falcons are sent packing. But the Falcons do not settle for second prize and are determined to finish what they started.
Tara Campbell , still on Skye, is now faced with a Falcon army hell-bent on vengeance... Desperate for allies, she brokers a tenuous alliance between the Duke of Skye and his estranged son, Landgrave Jasek Kelswa-Steiner, founder of the Stormhammers.
But as the battle for Skye progresses, they begin to realise, that in order to save the planet in the long run - they may have to lose it first.
Loren L. Coleman has produced another great addition to the Battletech universe. He has written many of the Battletech novels and his experience shows in the quality of his writing. With a healthy dose of mech battles and politics, foes becoming allies and a hint of foreshadowing of events to come, this is a must for your Mechwarrior collection.

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