Books and other items related to the "CSI" television franchise.

Author Item
Image of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
$34.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1848566034
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the ground-breaking long-running smash hit CBS crime drama series....
Max Allan Collins CSI: Cold Burn
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743444078
Remote. Peaceful. Picturesque. That's how the Mumford Mountain Hotel bills itself in its brochure, a...
Max Allan Collins Image of CSI: Killing Game. CSI: Killing Game
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743496647
After being broken up as a team by a superior, the two teams of crime scene investigators are reunit...
Max Allan Collins CSI: Sin City
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743444051
Meet the little known and even less understood heroes of police work in Las Vegas -- the forensic in...
Jeff Mariotte Image of CSI: Blood Quantum. CSI: Blood Quantum
$14.99 Paperback ISBN 9781439160787
Following a free-spending night at an exclusive Las Vegas nightclub, the chairman of the Grey Rock P...
Jeff Mariotte Image of CSI: Brass in Pocket. CSI: Brass in Pocket
$14.99 Paperback ISBN 1416545174
Far from the glittering lights and 24/7 spectacle of the Strip, the Las Vegas Crime Lab's team of in...