Author Item
Russell Blackford Image of T2: Dark Futures. T2: Dark Futures
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743445112
After destroying SkyNet, Sarah Connor and her son are convinced they have altered the future forever...
Russell Blackford Image of T2: The New John Connor Chronicles: An Evil Hour. T2: The New John Connor Chronicles: An Evil Hour
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 074345863X
Signed copy! John Connor and his mother Sarah face a squad of Terminators from another timeline w...
Greg Cox Image of Cold War. Cold War
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1848560877
Timed with the DVD release of the film, this spin-off novel details the further adventures of the ch...
Alan Dean Foster Image of Terminator Salvation. Terminator Salvation
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1848560850
In a brand-new chapter in the Terminator chronicles, Judgment Day has come to pass and Skynet has de...
Timothy Zahn Image of From the Ashes. From the Ashes
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1848560869
In the aftermath of a robot revolution against humankind, John and Kate Connor assemble a resistance...