N Y Saleh

Dr Nabil Saleh is a specialist medical doctor with an Egyptian and Australian heritage. Born in Sydney in 1971, he was raised in the city’s inner west and attended UNSW. His passions include skiing off cliffs, playing any ball sport and spending time with his wife and three boys. He is a keen student of philosophy with a particular interest in the relationship between individuals and the society in which they live, and when an individual’s rights can be overturned by the government. Strangely, reflection on this merged with the idea of writing stories for his eldest son who was struggling to read. The result was “Search For The Avatar”, a book which has nothing to do with computers or 3D animation.
Dr Saleh is proud to say he is a reader before being an author and hopes other readers will lose themselves in a fantasy story which is not just about love and hate or good and evil, but also about the grey area of good people doing bad things so good can result. Can evil acts be justified by a good outcome?
Country of origin, residence or nationality: Australia
Link to author's website: http://www.searchfortheavatar.com/
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Title Description
Search for the Avatar
$24.95 Trade Paperback
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It was a dark night, the ancient pyramids of Giza only just visible in the light of the sprawling city of Cairo. Suddenly black storm clouds appeared, and the light of the city seemed to just get swal ... ISBN: 9781921787614

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