Emily Gee

Country of origin, residence or nationality: New Zealand
Link to author's website: http://www.emilygee.com
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There are 2 books listed by the author Emily Gee.

Title Description
The Laurentine Spy
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of The Laurentine Spy. Following on from the success of Emily's award nominated first novel, comes The Laurentine Spy. Two spies must work together to avoid being caught at whatever cost. ... ISBN: 1844166031
The Sentinel Mage
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of The Sentinel Mage. Cursed Kingdoms 01
Her magic may be the only thing that can save a prince—and the Seven Kingdoms. In a distant corner of the Seven Kingdoms, an ancient curse festers and grows, consuming everything in its path. Only one ... ISBN: 1907519505

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