George Mann

Country of origin, residence or nationality: Britain
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There are 3 books listed by the author George Mann.

Title Description
The Affinity Bridge
$28.95 Trade Paperback
Image of The Affinity Bridge. In an alternate-universe London marked by airships, robots and the survival of a Queen Victoria who is kept alive by a primitive life-support system, agents Newbury and Hobbes investigate the wreckage ... ISBN: 0765323222
The Solaris Book of New Fantasy
$16.00 A Paperback
Image of The Solaris Book of New Fantasy. In the tradition of the recent The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, this stunning new anthology presents an array of never-before-seen short stories from the entire Fantasy genre. From fable to fa ... ISBN: 184416523X
WH40K: Helion Rain
$25.00 CD
Image of WH40K: Helion Rain. Warhammer 40,000 Raven Guard Audio
The world of Idos is on the verge of destruction, wracked by catastrophic storms and plagued by ravening tyranids. Into this maelstrom come the Raven Guard 4th Company, the warzone perfectly suited to ... ISBN: 9781849700177

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