C T Adams

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There are 5 books listed by the author C T Adams.

Title Description
Hunter's Moon
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of Hunter's Moon. Sazi 01
Desperate and at the end of her rope, Sue Quentin hires Tony, a mysterious hitman and werewolf, never expecting to find herself falling for the man she has paid to kill her or that she will become the ... ISBN: 0765349132
Moon's Fury
$13.95 A Paperback
Image of Moon's Fury. Sazi 05
When he violates the Sazi's single greatest rule by allowing humans to see their kind, cop Adam Mueller is forced to join sheriff Cara Salinas and her pack in Texas where they must save their people-- ... ISBN: 0765365103
Timeless Moon
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of Timeless Moon. Sazi 06
One of the most powerful, beautiful, and oldest Sazi, Josette Monier lives in self-imposed exile because the power of her gift of sight causes her pain when she is around other living creatures, but w ... ISBN: 0765356651
Cold Moon Rising
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of Cold Moon Rising. Sazi 07
TONY IS BACK Former Mafia hit man Tony Giodone has been through a lot--hes turned into a werewolf, with a human mate and a pack leader tougher than his old Mob boss. And hes developed a powerful ... ISBN: 0765359642
Touch of Darkness
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of Touch of Darkness. Touch 03
As they prepare for their marriage, Katie and Tom find the upcoming ceremony threatened by Tom's werewolf former girlfriend who is stalking Katie, Katie's hostile brothers, a freak blizzard, the lates ... ISBN: 0765359626

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