Lynsay Sands

Country of origin, residence or nationality: Canada
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There are 2 books listed by the author Lynsay Sands.

Title Description
Single White Vampire
$22.99 B Paperback
Image of Single White Vampire. Argeneau 02
Roundhouse Publishing editor Kate C Leever's first letter to her new author was meant to impress upon him the growing demand for vampire romances. And even though he'd expressed little-to-no desire fo ... ISBN: 0575093838
The Renegade Hunter
$14.99 A Paperback
Image of The Renegade Hunter. Rogue Hunter
The Argeneau family has a secret . . . one of their own is a rogue vampire! Nicholas Argeneau was once a successful hunter who went after rogue vampires who broke the immortal law. Except no one ha ... ISBN: 0061474312

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