Deborah Turner Harris

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There are 3 books listed by the author Deborah Turner Harris.

Title Description
City of Exile
$16.95 A Paperback
Image of City of Exile. Summoned to the City of Exile, Queen Mhairi of Caledon, guardian of the Anchorstone, and King Edwin of Beringar are told to end the longstanding war between their two cities, but Mhairi faces the betr ... ISBN: 0441004636
Queen of Ashes
$5.95 A Paperback
Finding her position as queen threatened by discord among the lords of the realm, Mhairi finds an ally in the widow Lady Mordance, unaware of the dark and treacherous nature of her new friend. ... ISBN: 0441001181
Temple and the Crown
$17.95 Paperback
Image of Temple and the Crown. Temple 02
In the sequel to The Temple and the Stone, England's tyrannical Edward I and France's Philip IV have become unwitting puppets of the Order of the Black Swan, a group of evil alchemists in leauge with ... ISBN: 0446608548

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