Hideyuki Kikuchi

Country of origin, residence or nationality: Japan
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There are 4 books listed by the author Hideyuki Kikuchi.

Title Description
Pilgrimage of the Sacred
$21.95 B Paperback
Image of Pilgrimage of the Sacred. Vampire Hunter D 06
Granny Viper is a "people finder," a searcher for lost souls along the roads of a forbidding wasteland. Her latest mission: the safe return of a young woman named Tae, kidnapped eight years ago by vam ... ISBN: 1595821066
Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Part One
$21.95 B Paperback
Image of Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Part One. Vampire Hunter D 07
A girl's dying wish sends D on an impossible quest in this riveting prose novel. Even a reluctant hero can't refuse the last request of a beautiful woman. On her deathbed, the mortally wounded woma ... ISBN: 1595821074
Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Pt. 2
$21.95 B Paperback
Image of Mysterious Journey to the North Sea, Pt. 2. Vampire Hunter D 08
The picturesque coastal town of Florence was known for millennia as a pleasure resort for the Nobility. As retribution for their decadence, the cruel and beautiful vampire inhabitants were "punished," ... ISBN: 1595821082
The Rose Princess
$21.95 B Paperback
Image of The Rose Princess. Vampire Hunter D 09
In Sakuri, a young woman is about to be sacrificed to the vampiric Noblewoman who reigns over the village. But before the princess can drain the life from the woman, a young man tries to slay the vamp ... ISBN: 1595821090

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