Dan Parkinson

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There are 3 books listed by the author Dan Parkinson.

Title Description
DL: The Gates of Thorbardin
$13.95 Paperback
Image of DL: The Gates of Thorbardin. Dragonlance Heroes 5
An exiled dwarf's quest to find the fabled magical helm of Grallen take him on a perilous quest to find the ancient dwarf kingdom of Thorbardin, buried beneath the mountain fortress of Skullcap, along ... ISBN: 0786932546
Faces of Infinity
$16.95 A Paperback
Image of Faces of Infinity. Gates of Time 02
Aided by their forwardthinking friends from the future, The Whispers, a Kansas couple duels with an evil genius who has comandeered a time machine, intending to destroy any competitor and become the l ... ISBN: 0345413814
Paradox Gate
$15.95 A Paperback
Image of Paradox Gate. Gates of Time 03
When Oklahoman Ben Culver is suddenly gifted with the strange power to travel back and forth through time, Maude and Lucas Hawthorn, owners of an exclusive Midwest time-travel agency set out to find h ... ISBN: 0345413822

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