Lyn McConchie

Lives in Norsewood, New Zealand.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: New Zealand
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There are 2 books listed by the author Lyn McConchie.

Title Description
The Questing Road
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of The Questing Road. Searching for a stolen foal, several farming folk inadvertently cross through a gateway into a different world. Not long after, the lord and lady of a nearby keep begin a trip to find the sire of the ... ISBN: 9780765361929
Duke's Ballad
$17.95 Paperback
Witch World
In a first new Witch World tale in more than ten years, gifted young witch Aisling returns from exile in disguise to prevent her power hungry brother, Kirion, from continuing his reign of cruelty and ... ISBN: 0765345528

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