James Swallow

Lives in London.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: England
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There are 8 books listed by the author James Swallow.

Title Description
WH40K: Heart of Rage
$25.00 CD
Image of WH40K: Heart of Rage. Warhammer 40,000
A brand new story exclusively available as an audiobook on CD Aboard the Imperial Navy frigate Emathia, Brother-Librarian Nord and Brother-sergeant Kale of the Blood Angels make a startling discove ... ISBN: 9781844167968
WH40K: Blood Angels Omnibus
$27.00 B Paperback
Image of WH40K: Blood Angels Omnibus. Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels
Noble and savage, the Blood Angels are one of the most popular Space Marine Chapters in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In this two-book sequence, author James Swallow brings this Chapter to life. In a ... ISBN: 1844165590
WH40K: Blood Angels Second Omnibus
$27.00 B Paperback
Image of WH40K: Blood Angels Second Omnibus. Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels
Contains the books Black Tide and Red Fury, plus two short stories continuing the story of a unit in the Blood Angels chapter of the space marines. ... ISBN: 9781849701297
WH40K: Garro Legion of One
$25.00 CD
Image of WH40K: Garro Legion of One. Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy
Nathaniel Garro, loyalist Death Guard, and hero of the Eisenstein, has found a new calling in his service to the Emperor. Surrounded by a cloak of secrecy, Garro travels the galaxy in pursuit of his n ... ISBN: 9781849700443
WH40K: Garro Oath of Moment
$25.00 CD
Image of WH40K: Garro Oath of Moment. Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy Audio
In surviving the horrors on board the Eisenstein, Nathaniel Garro proved his courage and absolute loyalty to the Emperor. On his return to Terra, Garro is despatched on a mission of even greater impor ... ISBN: 9781844168446
WH40K: Hammer and Anvil
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of WH40K: Hammer and Anvil. Warhammer 40,000 Sisters of Battle 02
The Sisters of Battle are the Emperorís most devout worshippers, fierce warriors preaching the purity of the Imperium and scourging their enemies with bolter and flamer. When an Ecclesiarchy outpost, ... ISBN: 1849700664
WH40K: Deus Sanguinius
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of WH40K: Deus Sanguinius. Warhammer 40K Blood Angels 02
Following the supposed resurrection of their legendary primarch Sanguinius, the Blood Angels are divided into factions that undermine the power of the force and could allow the enemies of all humankin ... ISBN: 1844161552
WH40K: Faith and Fire
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of WH40K: Faith and Fire. Warhammer 40K Sisters of Battle 01
In the nightmarish world of the fortyfirst millennium, in which the witch hunting zealots of the Sisters of Battle are the only thing standing between humankind and the evil around them, Torris Vaun, ... ISBN: 1844162893

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