Susan Wright

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There are 4 books listed by the author Susan Wright.

Title Description
Slaves Unchained
$17.95 Paperback
Image of Slaves Unchained. Slave Trade 03
After escaping from her alien masters, rebellious sex slave Rose Rico and her fellow renegades return to Earth, determined to free the planet from the power of the lustful Alphas by overthrowing Earth ... ISBN: 074345765X
$17.95 Paperback
Slave Trade 2
After escaping from her depraved alien masters, human slave Rose Rico and her fellow captives steal a spaceship and launch a desperate strike against their former maters. ... ISBN: 0743457641
$11.95 Paperback
Star Trek Deep Space 9 19
When a ferocious plasma storm strikes the entire Bajoran system, Deep Space NineTM becomes a port under siege, filled to overflowing with stranded space travelers, unpredictable aliens, and Klingon sm ... ISBN: 0671002279
ST: What Lay Beyond
$14.95 A Paperback
Star Trek Gateways 7
ISBN: 0743456831

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