Steve White

Vietnam veteran.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
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There are 4 books listed by the author Steve White.

Title Description
St Antony's Fire
$49.95 Hardcover
Image of St Antony's Fire. In a strange alternate universe, Ponce de León's quest for the fountain of youth has unexpected results, the Spanish Armada destroys the English fleet with high-tech weapons using beams of fiery light ... ISBN: 1416555986
Eagle Against The Stars
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of Eagle Against The Stars. Lokaron 01
When the alien Lokaron land on Earth and demand to trade, the Americans have no choice but to comply. But after forcing the United States to operate as its puppet government, the alien Lokaron's are a ... ISBN: 0671578464
Wolf Among the Stars
$49.95 Hardcover
Image of Wolf Among the Stars. Lokaron 02
A near-future Earth has shaken off the devastating colonization by alien Lokaran invaders and totalitarian rule by the alien's human puppets. But now Earth is flung into galactic intrigue and war. The ... ISBN: 1451637543
$12.95 A Paperback
Image of Crusade. Starfire 02
In the period of peace following the Human-Orion War, a ship from a half forgotten history emerges from a warp point notorious for devouring ships and opens fire on the Orions. ... ISBN: 0671721119

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