Dean Wesley Smith

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There are 3 books listed by the author Dean Wesley Smith.

Title Description
Golden Reflections
$39.95 Hardcover
Mike Gabrieli's brother Tom has always had one talent: getting into trouble. But this time, Tom has disappeared after mysteriously gaining possession of a priceless Aztec artifact. Mike sets out to fi ... ISBN: 1439134154
$14.95 Paperback
Captain Jean-Luc Picard has long enjoyed playing the part of Dixon Hill, a hard-boiled private eye straight out of American pulp ction. His holographic excursions into 1940s San Francisco, a colorful ... ISBN: 074341926X
STC: Belle Terre
Image of STC: Belle Terre. Star Trek Classics New Earth 02
In the second of a sixvolume series, the thirty thousand colonists brought to their new home by the crew of the Enterprise settles down to build a colony out of the planet's untamed wilderness, until ... ISBN: 0671042971

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