Fred Saberhagen

Born 1930 died 29th June 2007.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
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There are 9 books listed by the author Fred Saberhagen.

Title Description
Coldness in the Blood
$17.95 Paperback
Image of Coldness in the Blood. A mysterious Egyptian statue containing a stone possessing unimaginable magical power spells unexpected peril for powerful fivehundredyearold vampire Matthew Maule as he struggles to unravel a millenn ... ISBN: 0765340119
Empire of The East
$36.95 Trade Paperback
In a future world where sceince and technology are almost extinctmagic and sorcery are ways of life. A small group of people plots to use a powerful weapon to overcome the dark force that rule the la ... ISBN: 0765307421
Golden Reflections
$39.95 Hardcover
Mike Gabrieli's brother Tom has always had one talent: getting into trouble. But this time, Tom has disappeared after mysteriously gaining possession of a priceless Aztec artifact. Mike sets out to fi ... ISBN: 1439134154
Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampires: A Saberhagen Retrospective
$28.95 Trade Paperback
Image of Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampires: A Saberhagen Retrospective. Best-selling author Fred Saberhagen created three popular series: his Berserker stories and novels telling of the endless war of humans and their alien allies against the Berserkers, gigantic robot b ... ISBN: 1439132968
An Old Friend of the Family
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of An Old Friend of the Family. The Southerland family left the old world to start anew in America, but little did they know that a blood-feud, older than history itself, would follow them through the generations to come. Kate Sout ... ISBN: 0765363895
$10.95 Paperback
Berserker 02
aka Brother Assassin ... ISBN: 0575044497
Shiva In Steel
$15.95 Paperback
Image of Shiva In Steel. Berserker 13
With a rogue computer destroying colony after colony, Commander Claire Normandy and pilot Harry Silver join forces to smash the clever, seemingly malevolent piece of hardware, only to discover somethi ... ISBN: 0812571126
Ariadne's Web
$18.95 Paperback
Theseus is a young man sentanced to be sacrificed to the gods. Ariadne is deeply in love with him. She conspires to save him from his grisly fate, but doesn't count on Dionysus stepping in to complica ... ISBN: 0812590465
Ardneh's Sword
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of Ardneh's Sword. Empire of the East 02
One thousand years after humanity is saved by the transcendent being, Ardneh, from a vicious arch-demon, Chance Rolfson, a nightmare-plagued descendant of one of Ardneh's followers, joins a forest exp ... ISBN: 0765350599

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