J D Robb

This is a nom de plume of Nora Roberts.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
Link to author's website: http://www.jdrobb.com/
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There are 10 books listed by the author J D Robb.

Title Description
The Lost
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of The Lost. Four New York Times best-selling authors unite in this suspenseful collection of paranormal romances that features J. D. Robb's Missing in Death, in which Detective Eve Dallas investigates a woman's m ... ISBN: 0515147184
Suite 606
$10.00 A Paperback
Image of Suite 606. The secrets of desire are unlocked in this collection, rife with paranormal passion and suspense, that features a never-before-published Eve Dallas novella by J. D. Robb, as well as other works by Mar ... ISBN: 0425224449
Big Jack
$10.00 A Paperback
Image of Big Jack. Eve Dallas
In New York City in 2059, someone is pursuing missing gems from a decades-old heist...someone who's willing to kill for them. Sharp-witted and sexy, NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is used to travelling i ... ISBN: 0425234908
Rapture In Death
$19.95 Paperback
Eve Dallas 04
In the wake of three suicidesincluding a brilliant engineer, an infamous lawyer, and a controversial politicianpolice lieutenant Eve Dallas discovers evidence that links the three victims, and she sus ... ISBN: 0425155188
Ceremony In Death
$19.95 Paperback
Image of Ceremony In Death. Eve Dallas 05
Investigating the death of a fellow officer, Eve Dallas receives a personal warning when a dead body is placed outside her home, and her subsequent experiences make her question her beliefs about righ ... ISBN: 0425157628
Conspiracy in Death
$19.95 Paperback
Image of Conspiracy in Death. Eve Dallas 08
As a serial killer stalks the streets of New York, removing the hearts of his victims with surgical precision, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is forced to walk a dangerous line between justice and her career a ... ISBN: 0425168131
Loyalty In Death
$19.95 Paperback
Image of Loyalty In Death. Eve Dallas 09
As an unknown bomber stalks the streets of New York City, sending Eve Dallas taunting letters about his crimes, the New York City police detective races against time to stop the killer before he strik ... ISBN: 042517140X
Judgement In Death
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of Judgement In Death. Eve Dallas 11
In an uptown strip joint a cop is found bludgeoned to death. The weapon is a baseball bat. The motive is a mystery. It is a case of serious overkill that pushes Eve Dallas straight into overdrive. Her ... ISBN: 0749934379
Salvation in Death
$19.99 A Paperback
Image of Salvation in Death. Eve Dallas 27
A priest is conducting the funeral service for a beloved member of his congregation. But when he lifts the chalice to his lips, he dies suddenly and horribly - poisoned by the blood of Christ. Who wou ... ISBN: 0749929855
Kindred in Death
$19.99 A Paperback
Image of Kindred in Death. Eve Dallas 29
A phone call from up high interrupts Eve's plans to have a lazy day with her husband: The teenage daughter of Captain Jonah McMasters, head of the NYPD drug squad, has been found raped and strangled i ... ISBN: 0749952903

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