John Ringo

Americian. Veteran (82nd Airborne).
Country of origin, residence or nationality: America
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There are 8 books listed by the author John Ringo.

Title Description
To Sail a Darkling Sea
$20.00 Hardcover
Image of To Sail a Darkling Sea. Black Tide Rising 02
A family of survivors fights back against a zombie plague that has brought down civilization. A World Cloaked in Darkness With human civilization annihilated by a biological zombie plague, a rag ... ISBN: 9781476736211
There Will Be Dragons
$19.95 A Paperback
Council Wars 01
In the future there is no want, no war, no disease nor ill timed death. The world is a paradise and then, in a moment, it ends. The council that controls the Net falls out and goes to war. Everywhere ... ISBN: 0743488598
The Hero
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of The Hero. Legacy of Aldenata 05
On an enemy planet inhabited by the Darhel, an alien race with extraordinary empathic abilities, a human hunter a psychopathic killer and expert sniper stalks his alien prey, a Darhel who must overc ... ISBN: 1416509143
Unto the Breach
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of Unto the Breach. Mike Harmon 04
Wanting nothing more than to kick back and relax, Mike Harmon and his elite Keldara confront their ultimate mission to stop an advanced form of smallpox plague from falling into the hands of terrorist ... ISBN: 1416555358
Tiger by the Tail (Limited Edition Signed)
$49.95 Hardcover
Image of Tiger by the Tail (Limited Edition Signed). Mike Harmon 06
A new addition to the Paladin of Shadows military adventure series by multiple New York Times best seller John Ringo and Ryan Sear. Sequel to Ghost, Kildar, Choosers of the Slain, Unto the Breach and ... ISBN: 9781451638639
Honor of the Clan
$52.95 Hardcover
Image of Honor of the Clan. Posleen
In the sequel to Cally's War, underground fighters Cally O'Neal and the O'Neal Bane Sidhe fight to overthrow Earth's tyrannical Darhel "allies," while Cally's father, Major General Michael O'Neal, bat ... ISBN: 1416555919
Yellow Eyes
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of Yellow Eyes. Posleen 08
With the alien Posleen invaders advancing on the strategically important Panama Canal, the United States, overstretched as it prepares to defend the U.S. itself, sends a handful of advanced Armored Co ... ISBN: 1416555714
Queen of Wands (Signed)
$55.00 Hardcover
Image of Queen of Wands (Signed). Special Circumstances 02
Soccer mom and demon fighter Barabara Everette is back in this intricately interwoven monster noir thriller, the sequel to bestselling Princess of Wands by eight times New York Times best-seller, John ... ISBN: 9781451638301

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