Douglas Niles

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There are 3 books listed by the author Douglas Niles.

Title Description
DL: The Secret of Pax Tharkas
$14.00 A Paperback
Image of DL: The Secret of Pax Tharkas. Dragonlance Dwarf Home 01
An ancient ruin holds its secrets in a death grip in this exciting new Dragonlance trilogy! The dwarven realms of Krynn are slumbering, locked in mountain fastness, removed and aloof from the affai ... ISBN: 0786947896
DL: Golden Orb
$15.95 Paperback
Image of DL: Golden Orb. Dragonlance Icewall 02
In the sequel to The Messenger, elven Messenger Kerrick Fallabrine and his human companions have made their new home in a secure and isolated fortress in the barren realm of Icereach, but their peacef ... ISBN: 0786926929
$18.95 Paperback
Seven Circles Trilog
As the evil that has been menacing the speheres of the Seven Circles finally threatens to engulf them, Miradel, the druid priestess, mebarks ona quest to the very centre of the world to discover the t ... ISBN: 0441011276

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