Dennis L McKiernan

Born 1932
Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
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There are 8 books listed by the author Dennis L McKiernan.

Title Description
Into the Fire
Image of Into the Fire. Continues the battle of Tip and Beau to save Mithgar that began with Into the Forge, as the two "Warrows" and their alliesElves, Dwarves, mages, Silver Wolves and their warrior maidenscontend with the ... ISBN: 0451457323
Silver Wolf, Black Falcon
$19.95 Paperback
Image of Silver Wolf, Black Falcon. Bair, the child of an Elf and a Baeran shapeshifter, and his friend Aravan embark on a quest to discover the whereabouts of the demon Ydral, but the oracle they consult warns them of a coming time of ... ISBN: 0451458036
Once Upon An Autumn Eve
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of Once Upon An Autumn Eve. Faery
In the sequel to Once Upon a Summer Day, Liaze, Princess of the Autumnwood, falls in love with the wounded knight who somehow has breached the boundary between her faery world and the land of mortals, ... ISBN: 0451460979
Once Upon a Dreadful Time
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of Once Upon a Dreadful Time. Faery 05
When the evil witch Hradian launches a scheme to free her master from his prison in the Castle of Shadows, she unleashes deadly forces that could have unforeseen consequences, unless the heroes of Win ... ISBN: 0451461959
Into the Forge
$19.95 Paperback
Image of Into the Forge. Hel's Crucible 01
The author of the bestseller, The Dragonstone, pits two young creatures, Tip and Beau, against an evil magician preparing to rule over the Free Folk, the first step in a war that threatens to destroy ... ISBN: 0451457005
City of Jade
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of City of Jade. Mithgar
The myth of a lost city carved of precious jade has proven irresistible to many in Mithgar. Now Aravan, captain of the Elven ship Eroean, has undertaken a quest to find it. With his true love Aylis, t ... ISBN: 0451462971
$17.95 Paperback
Image of Dragonstone. Mithgar
Haunted by visions of a terrifying war, Arin the elf embarks on a perilous quest to obtain the one relic that can turn back the rough beast slouching his way toward the land of Mithgarthe Dragonstone. ... ISBN: 0451454561
Silver Call: Omnibus
$19.95 Paperback
Image of Silver Call: Omnibus. MITHGAR
In two classic fantasy novelsTrek to KraggenCor and The Brega Path, available for the first time in a new omnibus editionthe Dwarf Army struggles to reclaim their ancestral stronghold of KraggenCor fr ... ISBN: 0451458613

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