Paul Magrs

PhD. Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: Britain
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There are 4 books listed by the author Paul Magrs.

Title Description
DW: Hornet's Nest
$24.99 CD
Image of DW: Hornet's Nest. Doctor Who 4th Doctor Audio
The Dead Shoes finds the Doctor in 1930s Cromer, home to the Palace of Curios and its strange and wonderful exhibits. When he meets the young ballerina Ernestina Scott there, a chain of events leads h ... ISBN: 1408426749
DW: Circus of Doom
$24.99 CD
Image of DW: Circus of Doom. Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Audio Hornet's Nest 03
The Circus of Doom has come to the town of Blandford in 1834. The Doctor is there as well, and he detects an air of strangeness hanging over the place. This is no ordinary show, and those at the centr ... ISBN: 1408426757
DW: Hive of Horror
$24.99 CD
Image of DW: Hive of Horror. Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Audio Hornet's Nest 05
Hive of Horror finds the Doctor and Mike facing an onslaught of savage animals at Nest Cottage. A perilous journey must be made, and for this they are joined by the indomitable Mrs Wibbsey. But at the ... ISBN: 9781408426777
DW: Sting in the Tail
$24.99 CD
Doctor Who Hornet's Nest 04
A STING IN THE TAIL takes the Doctor back to the Middle Ages on his quest to trace the origins of the hornet menace. Why is the local abbey under continual siege from wild hounds, and what is the secr ... ISBN: 1408426765

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