Matthew J Costello

Lives in Katonah, New York.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
Link to author's website:
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There are 4 books listed by the author Matthew J Costello.

Title Description
Beneath Still Waters
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of Beneath Still Waters. The town of Gouldens Falls, submerged fifty years ago during the construction of the Kenicut Reservoir, spawns a mysterious terror that menaces the surrounding community. ... ISBN: 0425201082
$17.95 A Paperback
Image of Masque. The authors of Mirage fuse high technology, futuristic landscapes, and thrilling suspense in a scifi adventure featuring an android exploited for corporate espionage who is offered freedom by a myster ... ISBN: 0446606766
$14.95 A Paperback
ISBN: 0747253145
Missing Monday
$17.95 Paperback
Waking up on Tuesday and unable to remember the day before, Janna, trying desperately to recall the previous day's events, learns the truth from a mysterious woman, which leads her down a path of terr ... ISBN: 0425194558

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