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Author: N Y Saleh
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781921787614
Imprint/Brand: Vivid
Release Date: 20 Aug 2011
Format: Trade Paperback
Series: 01
Number of Pages: 434
Price $AUD: $24.95
Categories: Book
Urban Fantasy
Young Adult

It was a dark night, the ancient pyramids of Giza only just visible in the light of the sprawling city of Cairo. Suddenly black storm clouds appeared, and the light of the city seemed to just get swallowed up. There was a flash of lightning and Zak, a recently orphaned young boy, appeared deep within a secret chamber of Khufu's pyramid. Zak and his apparent aunt and uncle have come from the planet Terrah to seek safety, a life free from further tragedy... but Zak will not be so lucky. He is hunted all the way to a farm in remote New South Wales where he lives until the age of 14.

Here, Zak is loved and yet alone, powerful and yet helpless, intelligent and yet ignorant, wanting to give friendship and yet without friends. What good is there in safety if there is no life? Soon Zak must choose as his life is thrown into confusion as death follows him. But who is responsible and why? There are no bad guys, no good guys and the only person Zak truly trusted confesses to the most unimaginable crime Zak could have conceived.

And everything revolves around one word, an ancient word, a word that predates computers by thousands of years... Avatar.

Join Zak as his preconceptions are shattered and he must assume nothing as he uncovers a system of suffering and manipulation beyond anything he dared imagine. Can good people deliberately commit evil acts so good can result?

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