Doctor Who: A History of the Universe in 100 Objects

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Image of Doctor Who: A History of the Universe in 100 Objects.

Authors: Steve Tribe
James Goss
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781849904810
Imprint/Brand: BBC
Release Date: 18 Oct 2012
Format: Hardcover
Series: Doctor Who
Number of Pages: 256
Price $AUD: $49.95
Categories: Book
Doctor Who
Television and Film Related

From a lipstick at the dawn of creation to a fob watch at the end of time, these 100 objects tell the story of the universe and the most important man in it: the Doctor. Along the way, civilisations will rise at the stroke of a match and fall to a sneeze. Scarves will be knitted by the wives of prophets, and ray guns will be built by royalty.

This fascinating book also explains the real-world history of the various objects - from the invention of the Loch Ness Monster legend in the 1930s to how long it would really take to send a message of universal domination. It uncovers the hidden history of the Time Lords, presents an illustrated guide to invisible monsters, and explores the Rani's wardrobe.

Containing full-colour photographs and exclusive artwork, A History of the Universe in 100 Objects is the essential guide to the most iconic items ever seen in Doctor Who.

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