Flaming Zeppelins

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Image of Flaming Zeppelins.

Author: Joe R Lansdale
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781616960025
ISBN: 1616960027
Imprint/Brand: Tachyon
Release Date: 25 Oct 2010
Format: Trade Paperback
Series: Ned the Seal
Price $AUD: $30.95
Categories: Steam Punk
Omnibus / Boxed Set

What do the disembodied head of Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Frankenstein, the Tin Man, Captain Nemo, the Flying Dutchman, and the inestimable Ned the Seal, have in common? Find out as they embark upon a spectacular set of non-stop Steampunk adventures. For the first time, two epic chronicles, Zeppelins West and Flaming London, inscribed by a courageous young seal on his trusty notepad, are collected together in one volume.

So leap from a flaming zeppelin with the stars of the Wild West Show in a desperate escape from an imperial Japanese enclave. Wash up upon the island of Doctor Moreau, in mortal danger from his unnatural experiments (ignorant that Dracula approaches by sea). Unite with Jules Verne, Passpartout, and Mark Twain on a desperate voyage to the burning streets of London, which are infested with killer squid from outer space courtesy of H. G. Wells' time machine. It's a raucous steam-powered locomotive of shoot-'em-up westerns, dime novels, comic books, and pulp fiction, as only Lansdale, the high-priest of Texan weirdness, could tell.

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