DW: Depths of Despair

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Image of DW: Depths of Despair.

Barcode/ISBN13: 9781405905169
Imprint/Brand: BBC
Release Date: May 2009
Format: Paperback
Series: Doctor Who Darksmith Legacy 04
Price $AUD: $12.95
Categories: Doctor Who
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The Doctor has arrived on the planet Flydon Maxima also known locally as 'Despair' since the whole planet is flooding. A scientific base has been monitoring the slow melting of the glaciers and their advanced equipment looks to have been created by Varlos, the Darksmith who created Crystal. But why would Varlos risk visiting this planet? And who is the mysterious Gisella?

This amazing ten-book series follows the Doctor on his exciting journey to discover the origins of the so-called Eternity Crystal and the powerful artisans who have created it the Darksmiths.

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