The Whale's Tale

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Author: Edwina Harvey
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780980699807
ISBN: 9780980699807
Imprint/Brand: Peggy Bright Books
Release Date: Nov 2009
Format: B Paperback
Number of Pages: 230
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Young Adult
Science Fiction
Australian Author
Infinitas Community Selections

In a future where whales and dolphins can communicate with humans, and where the Whale Nation has brought space travel back from the brink of extinction, humpback whales tour the galaxy in massive spaceships called “The Whaling Fleet” performing Whalesong to receptive audiences. Uki is a teenage Japanese girl who steals a file from a whale to impress a guy in her gang, but she gets caught, and has to perform restitution to Targe, the humpback whale she's stolen the file from, by touring the galaxy with Targe and his dolphin sidekick, Charlie. Uki doesn't like Targe, Targe doesn't like Uki, and Charlie thinks he's in for the worst tour of his life until they discover Uki has a special talent.

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