The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume Two

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Image of The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume Two.

Authors: Bill Congreve Editor
Michelle Marquardt Editor
Simon Brown
Jack Dann
Stephen Dedman
Greg Egan
Lucy Sussex
Kaaron Warren
Rosaleen Love
Leanne Frahm
Ben Peek
Dirk Flinthart
Martin Livings
Rjurik Davidson
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780975773611
ISBN: 0975773615
Imprint/Brand: Mirrordanse
Release Date: May 2006
Format: B Paperback
Number of Pages: 288
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Book
Anthology / Collection / Short Stories
Science Fiction
Australian Author

Featuring a Greg Egan novella, 'Riding the Crocodile', new to Australian readers.

A couple search the universe for a final task to give their deaths meaning; a new extreme sport greater than any other adventure on Earth; the passing of a race beloved by myth; a widow who must create a living statue of her dead husband; a boy in pursuit of one final dream; an affair which is subverted by a gruesome 19th C wax doll; provoking and inventive, the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, Two includes talented newcomers as well as established professionals at the peak of their form.

Supplementing the fiction are the editors' overview of the genre, lists of recommended reading, markets for writers, and sources of Australian SF, fantasy and horror, making the volume a valuable resource as well as a definitive volume of the best in the field in Australia today.

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