The Mirror of Worlds

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Image of The Mirror of Worlds.

Author: David Drake
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780765351173
Imprint/Brand: Tor
Release Date: 04 Nov 2008
Format: A Paperback
Series: Crown of the Isles 02
Number of Pages: 432
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Fantasy

The powers of magic in the Isles have flooded to a thousand-year peak, and even the local magicians can perform powerful spells normallybeyond their control. Fantastic forces from all angles threaten, trying to keep Garric and his companions apart to thwart the reunification of the isles.
Now the world has suffered a magical upheaval. The ocean has receded and the Isles have become the higher rgound of a newly formed continent, a patchwork of geography from the past and future, peopled by creatured from all times and places. With the land itself thrown into chaos, Garric and his companions must now struggle for the survival of humanity.

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