The Warmasters

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Authors: David Weber
Eric Flint
David Drake
Bill Fawcett Editor
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780743471855
ISBN: 0743471857
Imprint/Brand: Baen
Release Date: Feb 2004
Format: A Paperback
Series: Honor Harrington, Hammer's Slammers, Belisarius
Weight: 91 grammes
Price $AUD: Now $5.00
Was $19.95
This is a discount of 74.9%
Categories: Science Fiction

Novellas from 3 masters. "Ms Midshipwoman Harrington" by Weber, "Choosing Sides" by Drake and "The Island" by Flint.

Before she saved the galaxy, she was "Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington" - author David Weber reveals how Honor Harrington's long and brilliant career began with an encounter with "pirates" who turned out to be much more than they seemed.

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