Shield of the Sky

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Author: Susan Krinard
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780733557033
ISBN: 0733557031
Imprint/Brand: Luna
Release Date: Dec 2004
Format: Paperback
Series: Stone God
Price $AUD: $18.95
Categories: Fantasy

The bonds holding the Stone Gods are weakening. . . and all are in danger. . .

Ever since witnessing a sacred ritual, Rhenna of the Free People has been isolated and she walks alone guarding the land's borders. And growing more troubled by the changes in the wind. Anger and war are rising. The mountaindwelling shape shifterspartners to the Free Peopleare disappearing, and word has come of an evil new god: The Stone God, whose followers are known by the red stones they hold and the chaos that accompanies them.

So when Rhenna hears that the Stone God's servants have captured a shape shifter, she must rescue him. Now Rhenna is embroiled in a dangerous game as the forces of evil and nature fight to control humanity's future. Together with a growing bandthe enigmatic shaman Tahvo, the panther shape changer Cian and the rebel Quintus of conquered Tiberiashe must travel the world, seeking to prevent its destruction.

Whatever danger lies ahead, the downfall of the Stone God has begun. . . The bonds holding the Stone Gods are weakening. . . and all are in danger. . .

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Review by Lynn T.:

The Shield of the Sky is home to the Free People - Amazons, the Sisterhood. It is also home to the Ailu people, a shape-shifter race descended from the ancient gods themselves. Rhenna of the Free People, not quite an outcast of her tribe and her companions, Tahvo of the North (a seer) and Cian of the Ailu meet on a journey to the Karchedon, the heart of the Empire, to save their world as they know it. Along the way they meet Quinn, a Tiberian rebel and Philokrates, the scholar - allies but perhaps with agendas of their own.
Their world with its devas and spirits is changing, not for the better, as the Stone God and its zealot priests use the emperor's power to spread their religion throughout the world.
Their quest has many goals; to prevent the slaughter of innocents, to prevent the capture of the Ailu, to free those already taken and to end the reign of the Stone God.
As Rhenna and her companions travel on, they discover facets of themselves they would not have known if their lives had been ordinary. The extraordinary circumstances and their dire necessity to succeed in their quest to save the world leaves the reader wanting to see them succeed.
This story is an intriguing mix of history and fantasy - combining the Amazons, religion and the supernatural in one blend.
Similar in style to Steven Pressfield's ‘Last of the Amazons', this is a fairly easy read and one you can pick up and put down when time is short.
Definitely looking forward to the next instalment of Rhenna and her friends' journey.