The Immortal Prince

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Author: Jennifer Fallon
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780732283353
ISBN: 0732283353
Imprint/Brand: Voyager
Release Date: 21 Feb 2007
Format: A Paperback
Series: Tide Lords 01
Number of Pages: 400
Weight: 360 grammes
Price $AUD: $20.99
Categories: Fantasy
Australian Author

On the world of Amyrantha, the immortals have power over the natural elements, their power peaking every 1,000 years at the high tide of the Tide Star. At the time of the 10,000-year King Tide there is an opportunity for one Tide Lord to gain supremacy...and this time is fast approaching.

Arkady, a historian, stumbles across Cayal, a madman claiming to be a Tide Lord. Amyrantha is in the throes of a scientific renaissance and men of science have a new Theory of Human Evolution which does not admit magic. But Cayal introduces Arkady to the other members of his race - the Tide Lords...

Over the aeons their power struggles have annihilated entire populations and a final crisis looms for the immortals and the human and part-human populations.

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Review by Isabelle:

The Immortal Prince is a story about lies. The story winds and unwinds around two main characters, Arkady Desean, a cynical young academic and Kyle Lakesh, a murderer who desperately wants to die, despite his self-proclaimed immortality. Arkady also happens to be the Duchess of Glaeba, married to the Kingís cousin and quietly confident she can expose this murderous charlatan for what he is Ė a fraud. Concerned at the political implications of the situation, Arkady can only scoff as the murderer claims to be Cayal, the Immortal Prince, a god-like figure of mythology and a character of the Tarot.
Arkady is well able to handle herself - strong, confident and intelligent, she is used to dealing with manipulative people attempting to gain favour, fortune and political advantage through deception. The more she hears of the prisonerís fantastic stories of heroism, despicable acts and cataclysmic destruction, the more convinced Arkady is that she can catch him out. Certain his wild tales will fail the test of scrutiny, Arkady wavers between contempt for his lies and concern for his sanity as the prisonerís stories become ever more complicated.
As we are introduced to the people in Arkady and Cayalís worlds, a web of sins and lies is revealed as the many characters work to hide their own secrets whilst attempting to uncover the truth about those around them. The story moves along quickly, meshing historical events with the present seamlessly, creating an intriguing insight into the motivations and character of the major players. Some of the twists and turns I could see coming, but others were utterly unexpected. It is the uncovering of the truth, both by the reader and by the characters that makes this book such a pleasure to read. In many ways, the twists I had second-guessed left me even more frustrated, as characters made decisions, unaware of the consequences of their actions. The fact that I cared about these consequences is testimony to the well crafted characters and the authorís ability to spin a tale that is exciting and ever-expanding in scale.
The fantasy world Fallon has created has many parallels to our own, as she draws on mythology and archetypes to weave a story that spans, in some cases, generations. The book hints at many potential allies and enemies, plots and sub-plots and unrevealed secrets. I greatly look forward to the next volume in the Tide Lords trilogy, intrigued to see how the collision-course set in motion by the events in this book will manifest themselves.