My Forbidden Desire

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Author: Carolyn Jewel
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780446178242
ISBN: 0446178241
Imprint/Brand: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: Aug 2009
Format: A Paperback
Series: 02
Price $AUD: $14.99
Categories: Romance
Paranormal / Supernatural

When witch Alexandrine Marit found a mysterious amulet, she was sure it would help her control her own magical powers. So she contacted a known mage for help. But she never imagined that he would send henchmen after her to possess her amulet himself. When her brother appears, demanding that Xia, the darkest, most dangerous demon she's ever seen, bodyguard her, Alexandrine is furious...and afraid. After all, he's a demon that hates witches. But his power draws her to him, even though she isn't sure she can trust him. Xia is furious. When he agreed to guard his buddy's little sister, he never expected her to be a long legged and irresistibly sexy beauty. But his hunger for her is immaterial - after all, the woman recklessly put herself in danger and he has better things to do than babysit. As fiends attack them, looking to control Alexandrine and posess her amulet, the magical pull between them grows ever stronger. But can Xia keep her safe?

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