The Thingummy

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Image of The Thingummy.

Authors: Danny Danziger
Mark McCrum
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780385614566
ISBN: 038561456X
Imprint/Brand: Doubleday
Release Date: 15 Oct 2008
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 192
Price $AUD: $29.95
Categories: Non Fiction

What do you call the groove that runs between your nose and your mouth? (your philtrum)
What is the name for the small plastic or metal cladding at the end of a shoelace that keeps the twine from unravelling? (the aglet)
What's the little metal saucer underneath a lightbulb called? (a bobŠche)
What is that thingummy called!?

The world is full of thingummies - things we ought to know the names for, probably think we do know the names for, but when it comes to it we don't. THE THINGUMMY is a lighthearted but informative look at everything from a-line skirts to umbrellas. It provides us with the real names for many of those elusive thingummies complete with the history, myth and anecdote behind them.

Grasp The Thingummy and you'll never grasp helplessly for words again.

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