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Image of Awakening.

Author: Lara Morgan
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780330425124
Imprint/Brand: Pan
Release Date: Mar 2010
Format: A Paperback
Series: Twins of Saranthium 01
Price $AUD: $21.95
Categories: Fantasy
Australian Author

In the lands of Saranthium, the pact between human and serpent is failing. Rogue serpents are attacking villages, and in the city of Salmut rumours claim that the banished god, Azoth, has returned to resurrect his empire of slavery.

An orphan at five, a thief and a survivor, Shaan lives in a whorehouse and works in the serpent yards of Salmut. She dreams of joining the Riders, the elite warriors who patrol the skies from the backs of the serpents. But Shaan's dreams are haunted by visions of a burning city and a voice that whispers in an ancient tongue.

Meanwhile, in the harsh desert of the Clans, Tallis has grown up under the burden of his difference. When he faces being made an outcast, his mother reveals the truth of his birth it is a secret that propels him away from all he has known and onto a journey to understand the unnatural power locked within him.

Drawn together, Shaan and Tallis are ensnared in the resurrection of an ancient conflict. But on whose side? That of the serpents or the people?

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Review by Josephine Crowley:

Awakening - book one of this first trilogy by Australian author Lara Morgan is the story of an ancient conflict.
It is between peoples of several nations and the good inhabitants who dwell within and the evil god who they live in fear of. Serpents also live within these lands and have magic powers and they too are ruled by the ancient evil god.
The characters in this book are many and as I read I referred often the glossary. Thank you for these lists, also the great maps which create a visual setting for what is a very interesting and engrossing read.
I enjoyed this novel from a new author who shows tremendous imagination and has the ability to hold one's interest to the very last page. Congratulations Lara Morgan. Book two in this series will be awaited eagerly.